The much anticipated renewal was been revealed by the streaming provider, and Netflix is now officially moving forward with Wednesday season 2.

In 2022, Netflix released its revival of the Addams family, with Jenna Ortega0 playing the eponymous lead.

At her new school, Nevermore Academy, Ortega’s character spent the first season of Wednesday attempting to solve a murder case.

The most recent Addams family adaption didn’t take long to become a huge hit with both critics and fans.

Since Wednesday has continued to be one of Netflix’s most watched series for a while, many people have naturally wondered if there would be a season 2.

Over two months have passed since Wednesday season 1 was made available on Netflix, but a decision has finally been made regarding the show’s future.

Today, Netflix made the formal announcement that Wednesday season 2 will begin airing on the well-known streaming platform.

The wait is ended for Wednesday season 2, which was previously expected to return in early 2023.

The season 1 finale on Wednesday clearly established the likely main antagonist for season 2.  Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

Fans certainly want to know when Wednesday season 2 will be available on Netflix, aside from plot rumours. Given that it was renewed for a second season in January 2023, the upcoming season’s scripts have probably not yet been started. I

It’s unlikely that Wednesday season 2 would debut in 2023 unless Netflix rushes production on the additional episodes because, assuming they receive the same episode order, the scripts would likely have to be finished before they can start filming later in the year.