Charlie Cox will finally make a return to Netflix by starring in the upcoming spy thriller Treason.  

The official Treason trailer for the limited drama has been published, showcasing our first footage of Charlie Cox’s character Adam Lawrence

“Thirty-six hours ago, an attempt was made to kill the chief of MI6,” the trailer’s opening line reads.  

Following the attempt on the chief’s life, his deputy is elevated in the chain of command to take his place.  

Cox’s Adam Lawrence is a young, inexperienced father, but the job needs to be done. 

Adam’s superior cautions him, “This is a dangerous period,” while also implying that many others at the agency will question his competency. 

Things for Adam Lawrence quickly start to go south. A Russian ex-girlfriend from his past, Kara (Olga Kurylenko), shows up, and the CIA believes he has been compromised.  

Adam’s top job appears to have been secured by Kara’s manipulation, and she is currently in town to claim her reward.  

Matt Charman, who wrote and executive produced Bridge of Spies, wrote and produced Treason.  

Olga Kurylenko  and Oona Chaplin, two previously announced female roles, will be appearing alongside Charlie Cox and Ciarán Hinds