The cost of one of the most important services, healthcare, can be unreasonably expensive, although prices for food, gas, and luxury goods are often lower in America than they are elsewhere 

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a professional NBA player, has joined the company as an ambassador to disseminate the notion that affordable, accessible healthcare is a fundamental human right. 

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Greek-Nigerian player joined Antidote because he agrees with the organization’s mission to advance widely accessible healthcare. 

No of their race, geography, or situation, every person has the right to access great healthcare, which is why Antetokounmpo is pleased to partner with Antidote Health. 

“My siblings and I lived disadvantaged lives as children. Even with the assistance of caring parents, obtaining healthcare was difficult.  

I can therefore relate to the many Americans who are prevented from pursuing their aspirations because they are unable to pay for healthcare. In this scenario, Antidote Health can help. 

Antetokounmpo has joined Antidote Health as an ambassador and also invested in the business with the understanding that the funds will be utilized to support local communities.

Americans can use Antidote Health’s telehealth platform to access a variety of affordable health services, including primary care, mental health, individualized treatment plans, and medication management.

Everything is done through an app and website that, before connecting the patient to a live clinician, asks basic questions about the patient’s symptoms and medical history. 

We feel incredibly privileged to have Giannis on our floor, and we support his efforts to leave a lasting legacy outside of basketball.