NBA: Kyrie Irving Is Allowed To Compete Despite Not Having Been Vaccinated

New York City mayor Eric Adams changed the COVID rules to allow star Kyrie Irving to play in the Brooklyn Nets' home games despite being unvaccinated, which is a huge relief for the team. 

. This means that starting with Sunday's game against the Charlotte Hornets at the Barclays Center, the Nets guard will be able to play in home games.

Adam's viewpoint is surprising because he previously indicated that giving Irving an exception would "send the wrong message" because most other city workers are subjected to the same restrictions.

Eric Adams remarked, "While delivering the important announcement, "It's all about levelling the playing field for New York City-based performers.

When I first became mayor, I looked at the rule that claimed that visiting players had an unfair edge over local players.

And I knew we needed to check into it right away, but my medical professionals told me, 'Eric, we're in a different position.' 

We'll have to wait till we've reached a low point before we can rethink some of the mandates.' We've come to see you today."