Natalie Portman talks about her 10-month training regimen for the movie Thor: Love and Thunder 

A renowned astronomer and the love interest of Chris Hemsworth’s main character, Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, made her debut in the 2011 film Thor. 

Foster was absent from the 2017 Taika Waititi picture Thor: Ragnarok but made an appearance in the sequel Thor: The Dark World.  

 But now, Portman’s persona triumphantly returns as the Mighty Thor in Waititi’s follow-up, Thor: Love and Thunder. 

Portman discusses the demanding training regimen she underwent for her part in Thor: Love and Thunder in a new interview with Variety, noting that it eventually required 10 taxing months of diligent labour. 

 In the fall of 2020, Portman began working out with her trainer, and the two of them concentrated on developing her arm and shoulder strength.  

Portman’s Foster is very different from the Foster fans initially met in the first Thor movie, as first revealed at the conclusion of the first Thor: Love and Thunder teaser. 

The version of Foster seen in the upcoming Thor sequel has undergone a significant metamorphosis, now sporting a set of armour, a muscular body, and the ability to wield the reforged Mjölnir.  

Foster’s origin tale as the Mighty Thor is yet unknown, but previews suggest that she will play a significant part in Thor’s midlife crisis and eventual conflict 

Although it is unclear how Portman’s new body would affect Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, it is obvious that the actress was dedicated to obtaining the new body without the aid of CGI.