With the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman is all set to make her return to the Thor realm.

Portman discussed her co-star Chris Hemsworth during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel show. 

She recalled the time she saw him arrive at the school where both of their children were enrolled.  

While Natalie insisted that she was able to perform the same task with the least amount of concentration, her co-star was unable to do so. 

The actress explained to the show’s special guest host Sean Hayes, “Chris’ kids, for a period of the shooting, came to town and went to the same school as my kids. 

One day, we ended up at school pick up at the same time and I just felt so bad for him. 

Natalie also explained being tiny, she may have “camouflaged” among the other mothers, but with Hemsworth, it would be difficult.  

Regarding Hemsworth’s attendance at school, she added, “I’m small and can kind of camouflage with the moms.  

The Mjolnir will be held by the actress who will reprise her role as Jane Foster in the series. 

Chris Hemsworth will resume his heroic role in the fourth Thor movie, which is a Marvel production.