Hush (2016)

Story of a deaf author surviving a home intruder. Terrifying and nerve wrecking.

Gerald's Game (2017)

Psychological thriller that revolves around a woman who wakes up handcuffed in bed out of nowhere

Cam (2018)

Story of a adult webcam performer that later discovers a sinister presence has replaced her online.

The Gift (2015) 

Story of an executive whose life takes turns when his past starts to haunt him.

It Follows (2015) 

A modern day supernatural thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat right from the beginning till the end.

Unfriended (2014)

Story of teens getting haunted by a vengeful spirit.

Apostle (2018)

Story of an Englishman who aims to rescue his sister by infiltrating a cult.

The Guilty (2021)

The Jake Gyllenhaal starrer that was shot just in 11 days during the lockdown is a perfect short thriller to watch.

The Good Nurse (2022)

Story of a murderer who kills patients while working as a nurse.