Modern Love 

An anthology series based on true stories about love, relationships, and connections in New York City. 


Story of an Irish teacher and an American ad exec who have a whirlwind romance and unexpected pregnancy 


A period drama set in 18th century Cornwall, following the life of Ross Poldark as he faces various trials and tribulations. 

Mad About You 

A romantic comedy about a young couple in New York City, chronicling their ups and downs in love and marriage 


Dark comedy about a young woman in London navigating love, loss, and grief while running her dysfunctional café 

Howards End 

A period drama about class and social conventions in early 20th century England, based on the novel by E.M. Forster 

Married at First Sight 

A reality show where strangers get married after being matched by relationship experts, and navigate married life 

A Discovery of Witches 

A fantasy series about a historian witch who uncovers a dangerous manuscript and falls in love with a vampire 

Hogu's Love 

A Korean romantic comedy about a kind-hearted swimmer who falls in love with a single mom