Black as Night 

A teenage girl in New Orleans fights against a group of vampires that threaten her and her community. 

Bingo Hell 

Residents of a small town in New Mexico face the horrifying consequences of winning big at a local bingo hall. 


A Mexican American couple moves to a migrant farming community, but eerie symptoms and visions lead to terrifying consequences. 

The Manor 

After suffering a stroke, Judith moves into a nursing home where she begins to experience supernatural events and mysterious occurrences. 


A childless couple in rural Iceland raise a newborn sheep, unaware of its sinister origins, in this supernatural horror film. 

Fever Dream 

In a rural hospital, a dying woman and her neighbor's son uncover a terrifying conspiracy in this trippy thriller adaptation. 

Halloween Kills

Jamie Lee Curtis and the cast of Halloween (2018) return to face Michael Myers in a bloody sequel featuring old and new characters. 

Night Teeth 

A college student becomes a vampire's chauffeur for a night of partying, only to uncover their true nature in this thriller. 

Last Night in Soho 

In this psychological thriller, Eloise's connection with a woman from the '60s leads to a horrifying experience of 1960s London.