1.  Pimento's Limit - The Bank Job (S4, E21)

Pimento is assigned the task of a phoney punching bag after being hired to assist Diaz and Peralta in infiltrating a group of shady investigators. To ensure that nobody suffers harm besides himself, he makes the decision to set the rules.

3. Rocks and roll - The Wednesday Incident (S2, E16)

Holt is so much more than compstat summaries, outbursts of rage, and period-correct facial hair. He's also a social butterfly, as "The Wednesday Incident" demonstrates, hopping from meals to fencing and art class well before 9 a.m.

3.  Holiday Games - Thanksgiving (S1,E10)

This scene from the first season has always been one of our favourites, and not just because it's super-sweet that the squad uses those catchphrases for good and not just as an excuse to throw shade at his frequently annoying being. 

4. Squeally good call - Mr. Santiago (S4, E7)

Peralta gives the squad a deceptively easy task in yet another demonstration of the mastery of the cold open, to accurately forecast Captain Holt's response to his first-ever marshmallow consumption. We'd love to have heard the dialogue that led to that specific revelation, aside from the fact that Holt has evidently never eaten hot chocolate

5. When Gina Respawns The Mother Dough

Great Nana Boyle's passing is a sad occasion for the family, which is only made harder when Charles finds out that Gina has inherited the "mother dough," a cherished family heirloom.

6. When Rosa Comes Out As Bisexual

Rosa is not ready to tell anyone about her bisexuality (mainly because it's something she is just beginning to explore). Charles is the first to discover this, through a combination of eavesdropping and logical deduction. 

7. When Charles Throws A Birthday Dinner For Rosa

Charles is careful not to acknowledge Rosa's birthday, the one day she doesn't like to celebrate. Instead, he requests her assistance in transferring an arcade game from a bar to his home, but she immediately wises up to his plan. 

8. When Terry Loves Love (Which Is Always)

Almost every scene with Terry Jeffords is filled with warmth and compassion — his habit of taking the nine-nine under his wing gives off strong maternal vibes.  

9. When Madeline Wuntch Doesn't Betray The Nine-Nine

Think of Superman and Lex Luthor, but without the global devastation, for an example of how extreme Raymond Holt and Madeline Wuntch's animosity is. So it totally surprises me that she's on board with Jake's Suicide Squad scheme to trap Commissioner Kelly, along with CJ and the Vulture.

10. When Hitchcock & Scully Protect Their Informant

Hitchcock and Scully's pasts are revealed to be super-cool (and super-hot) hunks in one of the strangest episodes of the show; even Jake and Charles can't decide which one of them was more gorgeous.