No, this feels more like one of the several bland, lifeless comedies he has produced for Netflix.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow” is set in a picturesque New England village where a variety of ghostly mischiefs disrupt the sense of security 

It seems as though Lauren Lapkus and Rob Riggle had simply strolled over from another set to play their customary one-note supporting roles.  

As Sydney, a 14-year-old who recently moved with her parents  from Brooklyn to historic Bridge Hollow as October 31 draws near, Priah Ferguson is limited in what she can accomplish.  

As Erica, Lucas’ younger sister, Ferguson has been a no-nonsense scene-stealer for “Stranger Things” for the past couple of seasons.  

 As she tries to persuade her father those odd things are afoot an idea that he rejects since he is a high school science teacher who solely believes in science she uses a similar unflappable tone here.  

Wayans uses the term “science” so frequently that it might be considered a drinking game, except that you would be unconscious by the first act’s conclusion. 

The movie is directed by Jeff Wadlow (“Truth or Dare,” “Fantasy Island”) and is based on a storyline by Todd Berger and Robert Rugan. 

It doesn’t have a compelling narrative; instead, it alternates between exposition dumps and shrill set pieces. 

Riggle explains to Wayans’ persona as the family’s overly friendly next-door neighbor that this is the type of neighborhood where everyone goes all out on their Halloween decorations.