After a major cliffhanger at the conclusion of the first season of the Moon Knight television series from Marvel, it seemed inevitable that Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) would make a comeback.

With the introduction of the primary character’s new alter, several new avenues for the story’s development and potential MCU connections became available.

Fortunately for the show’s viewers, it appears that the character will make another appearance.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Isaac made an appearance on Mohammed Diab’s TikTok, which strongly suggests a second season is being developed for Disney+.

A TikTok video that circulated earlier today of Isaac and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab on a boat in Egypt showed the two of them together.

“Why else would we be in Cairo”, Isaac retorted in response to Diab’s daughter when she inquired whether or not there will be another season of the show.

Although there are many unknowns regarding Isaac’s deal with Marvel, if season 2 is in the works, it might simply be positioning the star for a more significant part in the MCU.

It is yet unknown, according to reports, whether the studios will release the series in the middle of the next Phase 6 timeframe.

Season 2 will probably focus on the potential altercation between Spector/Grant and Lockley.