American rapper, Kanye West has reacted to being plunged by several top partnerships, including Adidas, skill agency CAA, movie and television programming company MRC.

And I’m still alive. This is a love lesson. I still adore you. God still adores you. Money is not who I am. 

The post comes days behind Ariel Zev (Ari) Emanuel, CEO of the entertainment and media agent Endeavor, urged businesses to stop doing business with Kanye West. 

Entertainment enterprise figures, including Emanuel and the Gersh Agency’s Bob Gersh, recommended companies that operate with West cut ties with the rapper. 

Kim Kardashian, West’s ex-wife, also gave a short statement via Twitter, writing: Hate speech is never OK or justifiable. 

I stand jointly with the Jewish community and call on the horrific violence and hostile rhetoric towards them to reach a quick end.  

Kanye West’s current remarks have led to anger on social media.  

Adidas cut ties with Kanye which led to him failing his billionaire status. Adidas does not take antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech.  

Ye’s recent words and actions have been inappropriate, hateful, and difficult, and they violate the company’s importance of diversity and inclusion.

Adidas will stem the Adidas Yeezy relations with immediate effect.