While filming “Enola Holmes 2,” Millie Bobby Brown developed a habit that she fears she won’t be able to break when she returns to the “Stranger Things” set. 

According to “Today,” Brown revealed during a Q&A at the sequel’s New York City premiere that she had become accustomed to breaking the fourth wall.

According to Today, Brown claimed, “I had a dream that I was on the ‘Stranger Things’ set and I couldn’t stop looking at the camera.  

“And now I’m afraid I’ll never be able to quit staring into the camera.  

She described the experience of making the movie, in which she plays the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, as similar to “vlogging on YouTube all day long.” 

Next year is expected to see the start of production on “Stranger Things,” the sci-fi smash that earned Brown her big break.  

The performer admitted to Queue last month that leaving the show and her role as the superhuman lead, Eleven, crushes her heart. 

Brown had just turned 12 when the program first aired. In an interview with Queue, she praised the show’s creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer.  

“They offered me an opportunity that not many people were giving me at the time,” she said. They believed in me and recognized my ability. 

Netflix currently offers “Enola Holmes 2” for streaming.