Miley Cyrus released the ultimate breakup anthem on January 12, 2023. 

Even though the song is a musical masterpiece, we find it inexplicable that the queen chose to release it on Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday.  

Along with the song, the 30-year-old Wrecking Ball singer also released the music video.  

Miley enters the frame of the video wearing the dazzlingly flawless gold outfit she first debuted in the previews.  

Along with her gold dress, Miley also rocks a lovely black lace lingerie/swimsuit when she strips down, which undoubtedly accentuates her toned physique.  

The next outfit she rocks is a black power suit that she wore without a shirt, giving it a daring twist. 

Miley is seen dancing her heart out as the harrowing yet empowering breakup ballad comes to a conclusion. 

While Miley’s appearance in the video is something to lust after, we also can’t ignore how empowering and devastating the lyrics are at the same time.  

It was rumoured that the song was about Miley and Liam even before it was released.  

However, the song’s lyrics provide unmistakable proof that it is about their historic divorce.