Miley Cyrus releases new music video for the song River from her album, Endless Summer Vacation 

Fans are speculating if the song is about Miley's former husband, Liam Hemsworth

In the video, Miley dances in the rain wearing a black halter-neck mini dress surrounded by 14 shirtless men 

The lyrics talk about bouncing back from heartbreak and being unable to stop thinking about someone who could have started a family with her 

Miley explains on Instagram that the song was written during a personal and emotional time 

The song was inspired by the April showers and transformed into being inspired by showers of love 

Miley's new album, Endless Summer Vacation, follows the popularity of her hit song, Flowers 

Despite the speculation about Liam, Miley's song could pertain to her subsequent romantic endeavors 

Miley remarks that at times, individuals just require a lively song to groove to, and River is "disgustingly amazing." 

What is your opinion? Does Miley Cyrus’ song River relate to Liam Hemsworth?