10/10 The Death Of Goliath Showed Just How Terrible Iron Man Could Be

9/10 Thanos's Snap Killed Half The Universe

8/10 Scarlet Witch Killed Several Of Her Teammates During A Psychotic Break

7/10 Scarlet Witch Depowered Millions Of Mutant

6/10 Captain America Led A Fascist Takeover Of The United State

5/10 Captain America's Death Was A Tragedy Made Worse By Iron Man's Political Machination

4/10 The Mutant Massacre Cost The Lives Of Countless Morlock

3/10 The Terrigen Mist Created The M-Pox, A Disease Which Sterilized And Killed Countless Mutant

2/10 The Death Of Gwen Stacy Showed The Cost Of Being Superhero

1/10 Sixteen Million Mutants Died In Minutes On Genosha