Fans of Batman can now read the script for the most recent major motion picture adaptation of The Dark Knight.  

As part of its Read The Screenplay series, Deadline has made available the script for The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves

The movie centres on a budding Batman (Robert Pattinson), who teams up with Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) to stop the Riddler, a notorious serial killer . 

Also agreeing to assist Catwoman in finding her lost companion Annika Kosolov is Batman. 

Batman and Gordon also have to contend with Carmine Falcone’s corruption in Gotham City.  

A deleted scene from the movie in which Batman visits Arkham Asylum to speak with the Joker (Barry Keoghan) is also included in the screenplay. 

Batman asks the criminal in the scenario what kind of person he thinks the Riddler could be.  

The Joker only had a cameo appearance in the finished version of the movie when he met the Riddler/Edward Nashton in Arkham toward the conclusion. 

The Academy has so far given The Batman more of a chance because three times it was listed on the 10 shortlists they released for various Oscar categories.  

The Batman may have a chance in that category as well because the nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay are still up in the air.