Martin Scorsese, the director, criticizes Hollywood for primarily gauging a film’s worth depending on its box office performance.  

One of the most well-known filmmakers in history, Scorsese has produced a number of films that are recognized as masterpieces. 

Two of his early films, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull are now frequently taught in film schools as prime examples of outstanding character work and filmmaking.  

Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed, and The Irishman are just a few of the gangster movies that Scorsese is renowned for and that fans continue to like and discuss. 

Nine of Scorsese’s movies have received Best Picture Academy Award nominations, while he has received nine nods for Best Director.  

He has only won Best Director once, much to the disappointment of many, for The Departed, which also took home Best Picture.  

However, many believed that his victory was long overdue by the time he won.  

Nevertheless, Scorsese’s love of movies is well known. He has worked hard to protect the aspects of it that he cherishes while occasionally criticizing aspects  

In the video footage posted by Ellen Houlihan, Scorsese discussed how Hollywood’s emphasis on box office success is harming film while introducing his documentary New York Dolls at the New York Film Festival.  

He criticizes Hollywood for seeing a film’s success solely from a financial perspective, which he claims devalues the artwork on exhibit. Even further, Scorsese describes it as “repulsive.”