One of the names now on the rise is Margot Robbie.  

The actor is working on numerous fascinating projects, one of which is the Barbie movie, which has received a lot of attention and gone famous online. 

The actor was also in the news for playing the lead role in the Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off, which reportedly stalled and is currently in production hell.  

No one can dispute that Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street was the actor’s most memorable role to date. 

The Wolf Of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was released in 2013. Although the film already had a lot of well-known actors involved.

The videos of her performance have gone viral online to date and occasionally appear in the trending section.  

The scene in which Margot Robbie kisses Leonardo DiCaprio, however, has to be the one that has received the most attention.  

A Giant Freakin Robot story claims that Margot Robbie talked about filming the naked scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. 

She said that she had had a few shots prior to it. She admitted that she had a few tequila shots prior to the scene because she had been quite anxious. 

As everyone will be fixated on Leo DiCaprio and everything in this movie, it kind of doesn’t matter what I do.