The Flight 828 tailfin still makes no sense even after the publication of Manifest season 4, part 1. 

The show has finally revealed what happened to Flight 828 and the origins of the Callings after three complete seasons.  

The show didn’t finish the mystery, though; there are still some unresolved issues. 

In Manifest, the tailfin remains a very mysterious topic.

Despite being wiped out on land in season 1, Flight 828’s tailfin was found in the sea towards the end of season 2.  

Ben’s insane hypothesis was that a higher power had restored the entire plane as a result of this. 

Since then, the travelers have learned some shocking truths about what actually transpired on that day in 2013.  

Now they are aware that the aircraft entered the divine mind and lingered there for five years.  

The strongest piece of evidence for one of the most popular explanations of Flight 828’s disappearance has long been the tailfin.  

Despite this, the idea of parallel universes doesn’t fit with the most recent revelations from Manifest.