The epic sci-fi series Manifest is among the most engrossing available regarding complicated sci-fi dramas. 

The US network NBC originally broadcast the program, however, it was canceled after the third season.  

Good news has arrived for fans, though, since the fourth and final season has now been released on Netflix. 

On Friday, November 4, Manifest season four part one debuted on the streaming service, and many are already anticipating part two.  

Ten episodes make up Part 1, but this one is difficult as we’ve already mentioned.  

Here is a refresher of how the Manifest S4P1 ending is explained in case you need it. 

Briefly stated, the show centers on the passengers of fictional Flight 828 

As the passengers return to their regular lives, odd things begin to happen, including “callings,” or visions of the future, and hints about the day they will die. 

The Stone family is at the center of the narrative; Michaela, her brother Ben, and his son Cal all travel on the plane, but Ben’s wife Grace and Cal’s twin Olive do not.  

At the same time, Olive, TJ, and Zeke devise a strategy to preserve Cal so that he might aid in averting the end of the world.