On Netflix, Manifest season four has been divided into two parts. We anxiously anticipate the remaining 10 episodes, which will bring the series to a close after the first set of episodes has already been released. 

The cast of commercial Flight 828, who vanished for five and a half years and were assumed dead, reemerge in the spooky drama, which debuted on NBC in 2018. 

The network canceled the show after three seasons, but Netflix unexpectedly picked it up and it quickly rose to the top of the streaming charts.  

After season three ended on a cliffhanger, Netflix decided to give the show a fourth and final season. Here is the date for Netflix’s release of Manifest season 4 part 2. 

A precise release date has not yet been set for Manifest season 4 part 2. However, given that Netflix has a history of matching significant dates in the program with real-world news, the second half of the season may premiere on June 2, 2023 

Each resurrected passenger will experience a second death on the “Death Date,” which will occur in the exact interval between their first death and resurrection. 

The Stone family and the remaining passengers in the show have a specific date of June 2, 2024. 

On November 4, 2018, the day after Flight 828 touched down, the first episode of Manifest season 4 debuted.