Mandy Moore Talks About Her First Marriage At 24  

Mandy Moore talks about a difficult time in her life. Thinking back, she married "very young" at the age of 24.

The "This Is Us" actress recalled how damaging it was to marry her ex-husband, Ryan Adams, at the age of 24, which she considered to be "very young." 

In the February 6 edition of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's podcast Dinner's on Me, Mandy said, "I believe it was a direct reaction to my own parents divorcing."

They had been dating since they were 16 or so, and at the time, I was devastated. However, I think that after I fell in love, I realized that I could create a family with this person, for this person. 

"Now, when I look over the past, I can say it was not the right situation at all," the 39-year-old added. 

The Dr. Death actress said she felt lonely, hollow, and empty even though it seemed like the ideal moment to be married and focus on this quiet, private stage of life.

The A Walk to Remember actress began dating Adams in late 2007; the two got married in 2009. Adams was nine years Adams' senior. 

Before getting divorced in 2016, they were together for six years. For a while, Mandy Moore's life was significantly touched by their connection. When they got engaged in 2009, she even considered giving up her promising Hollywood career.