Mammals, James Corden’s newest comedy-drama series, will soon premiere. 

A fresh teaser trailer for the next series by Prime Video has been published, and it features plenty of tension and humour 

Viewers will be introduced to a different version of Corden in the teaser than what they are used to.  

This is a more melancholy version of them, grieving and prepared to fight when necessary. 

In Mammals, Corden plays Jamie, a chef who witnesses the collapse of his world as he learns some of his pregnant wife Amandine’s (Melia Kreiling) secrets. 

In the teaser, Corden is having trouble putting into words how his relationship is going.  

Although he also appears to be in a state of despair, he is not the only person who is experiencing difficult feelings.  

In their quest for information, Jaime and his brother-in-law Jeff (Colin Morgan) discover flaws in Jeff’s own marriage to Jaime’s sister Lue.

In the end, the three parties are all looking for adjectives to characterise their interactions. 

The series is Corden’s first significant undertaking following the April announcement that he would be leaving The Late Late Show in 2023.