Many people believe that Magic Johnson is one of the all-time best NBA point guards.  

He is the leader of the renowned “Showtime” offense for the Los Angeles Lakers.  

Johnson was renowned for his ability as a referee and contagious charisma. 

One of the best ball handlers the NBA has ever seen, Johnson was unique for more reasons than just what he performed on the floor.  

In addition, he was a competitor who sought to inspire his coworkers by leading by example. 

Michael Cooper, Johnson’s former teammate, told a fascinating tale about his time with the Magic Lakers on a recent edition of a podcast. 

We won 5-0, Cooper stated. We’re not in the mood for our exhibition game in Houston. Our games also involved combat.

That bus was there when we came off the plane at Houston Hobby Airport, and there was a road with traffic going in one direction and out the other to get around the airport right next to the bus at the baggage claim. 

This instance was no different, as Michael Cooper carefully examined a situation in which Magic Johnson wasn’t pleased with the team’s performance. 

The legendary point guard, who has five NBA titles to his credit, is largely responsible for basketball’s current surge in popularity.