In the primary episode of the series, a person is being tormented while arguing for Daan Ludik. 

The show then, at that point, returns the crowd to the occasions that occurred six hours before the fiasco. 

Daan Ludik, an enormous person who maintains a furnishings and rug business, is displayed on most of the city’s pennants.

There is by all accounts an issue between Daan and his significant other Anet. 

They squabble over whether their child Danie will go to class. This activity made it plentifully obvious that Daan appreciates request and control. 

The series’ hero, Daan, is a clear, dedicated, and hazardous man. He knows that bringing in cash is his first concern.  

He is completely mindful that everything has an expense and that to pay those expenses, individuals should invest some part of their energy. 

At the point when his brother by marriage has issues, Daan Ludik ends up in a tough spot. An opponent group driven by Percival, pseudonym Arend Brown, snatched Swys.  

To prompt Daan to utilize his truck to help them in getting the firearms shipped off Central Africa, they extorted him. Daan had to follow their requests because Swys’ life was at serious risk. 

Daan previously led an unlawful precious stone business notwithstanding his furnishings and rug organizations.