10/10 Levi Is The King Of Deadpan

One of the most well-known anime characters has always been Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Levi isn't one of the standard edgelord anime boys; there are some of them.

9/10 Death The Kid Is Another Quirky Goth

Similar to Wednesday Addams, Death The Kid is a quirky goth with many unforgettable jokes in Soul Eater.

8/10 Sawako Looks Creepy, But She's Just Misunderstood

Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi Ni Todoke has an uncanny resemblance to Sadako from The Ring, which earned her a hurtful nickname.

7/10 Fans Love L's Eerily Calm Personality & Emo Appearance

Like Wednesday in the Netflix series, L from Death Note is a clever detective who constantly seeks to identify the source of any problem.

6/10 Gaara's Tragic Backstory & Stylish Aesthetic Made Him A Fan Favorite

Gaara is a gothic loner like Wednesday, with a gloomy outlook on life but a heart of gold. Gaara began as a bad guy in Naruto.

5/10 Sango Is A Fierce Fighter

Sango from Inuyasha is a tough fighter with a strong feeling of obligation to defend the defenceless because she became a demon slayer at a young age.

4/10 Megumi Is A Stoic Pessimist With A Unique Outlook On Jujutsu Sorcery

Megumi Fushiguro, a member of Jujutsu Kaisen, famously remarked: "The one thing that is fairly imposed on all of us is unfairness in circumstance."

3/10 Obanai Is Way Less Intimidating Than He Look

The Serpent Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps is Obanai Iguro from Demon Slayer. It's not easy to like him at first.

2/10 Tokoyami Revels In The Darkne

Despite his utter devotion for darkness, Tokoyami Fumikage from My Hero Academia is one of class 1-A's smartest students.

1/10 Saki Hanajima & Wednesday Are Two Peas In A Pod

Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket is essentially the animated counterpart of Wednesday Addams. Saki enters a room like Wednesday and instantly gives everyone the creeps in the greatest manner possible.