The DC Universe is about to enter an exciting period, and it appears that much is occurring behind the scenes to excite fans truly. 

New, exciting things seem to be in store now that DC Studios has replaced DC Films and James Gunn and Peter Safran oversee the studio’s superhero assets in place of Walter Hamada.  

The excitement appears to be focused mainly on Justice League actor Jason Momoa, who claims that the new management is fulfilling all of his ambitions. 

Shortly after making those remarks, DC Studios co-head Gunn published his first article on the social networking site Mastodon.

Some fans have gone crazy due to the time of the post and the comments.  

The actor was questioned about whether there was a connection between the two circumstances during an interview for ComicBook prior to the release of the movie Slumberland.  

Momoa admits that he loves the character of Lobo but stops short of answering the question directly. 

One of the DC Comics characters who fit the anti-hero/anti-villain description is Lobo.  

The interplanetary mercenary and bounty hunter Lobo is from the utopian planet Czarina. 

Since he has battled with and alongside superheroes like the Man of Steel, and Superman, it is challenging to categorize him as either a hero or a villain.