ENHYPEN – Manifesto: Day 1

I eventually connected with ENHYPEN's music in 2022, and Manifesto had a significant impact on it.

CSR – Sequence: 7272

I adore it when upcoming artists make an instantly recognisable statement. Sequence could be criticised for being nothing more than a cosplay for Lovelyz/GFriend.

Brave Girls – Thank You

With a new all-killer, no filler dance pop album that demonstrates their complete command of their sound, Brave Girls maintain their third-place finish from the previous year.

CRAVITY – New Wave

Past albums by CRAVITY often have the feel of a mash-up of several genres. The consistency of New Wave makes it stand out.

Golden Child – Aura

Aura poses a serious threat to Miracle from 2018 and YES from 2021 as my favourite Golden Child mini. It is by far my favourite musical endeavour of 2022. Although each song is superb, the opening trio stands out as a career high point.

Key – Gasoline

Gasoline is still a product of a talented musician who knows exactly what he wants to produce, even though it isn't as consistently excellent as his debut album. It has several highlights, and the music is dripping with elegance.

Oh My Girl – Real Love

The album's other songs more than make up for the fact that the title tune from Real Love isn't among Oh My Girl's greatest.

DRIPPIN – Villain: The End

I predict that this album will soon receive a repackaging, which might eventually improve its ranking on this list.

PSY – PSY 9th

I can't even begin to count how many times this album has been delayed, but the wait was well worth it in the end.

Girls’ Generation – Forever 1

Girls' Generation knew what they were trying to do with Forever 1, and they nailed it.