Lindsay Lohan Shares Having Bald Spots Because Of Her Son 

Lindsay Lohan revealed what her son's new obsession is. Eight-month-old Luai, Lohan's son, enjoys ripping her mother's hair, causing bald patches on her head.   

In an interview with People Magazine, the actress talked about their new movie, Irish Wish, starring Ayesha Curry.   

The former member of Mean Girls revealed that she spends the most of her time with her son and that she hopes to have more children.   

When asked if she would like more than one child, Lohan said that she wasn't sure yet but that she would most probably have a second child.   

The Freaky Friday actress and her spouse, Bader Shammas, have a dog named Luai.  

In talks with the magazine, Lindsay discussed how she loved spending time with her son. She said, "For me, playing with my son and spending time with him. Right now, he just loves being outside and taking walks, so I just try to get him outside as much as I can because he loves looking around." 

She added, "He's ripping my hair out now, so that's the new thing. He pulls my baby hairs, too, so I have bald spots." 

Lohan expressed, "Yes, of course! I do. Yes. Let's go for a second first. But I love having siblings. I feel so blessed to have other siblings to be able to hang with and talk to and relate with. I would love to have more. I want my son to have that same experience." 

The main cast members of the new Netflix film Irish Wish are Lindsay Lohan and Ed Speleers. The plot centers on a woman who is in love with her closest friend and about to tie the knot. Even though she hopes to wed him, one night her dreams come true.