Lilli Kay discusses the LGBTQ+ kiss scene in Yellowstone Season 5. In Yellowstone, Kay plays Clara Brewer, who works as John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) assistant 

Clara has proven to be a staunch supporter of John during his new position’s turmoil and potential impeachment threats.  

Despite the fact that Clara is new to politics and still learning, she becomes a valuable asset to John and his family, becoming more comfortable with the Duttons as they learn to accept her as an ally. 

Kay has family members who work on the show, including her father, Stephen Kay, who is a director and executive producer, and her stepmother, Piper Perabo, who plays Summer.  

She was cast in Yellowstone season 5 as Clara due to her experience as an actor in her own right, her expertise in horseback riding, and her connection to the show.  

Kay said, “I’ll tell you something about that [kiss scene]. We were in our Covid protocol. It was written that Clara is making out with someone in the background behind John and Summer 

And we were trying to figure out who was easy and comfortable [to cast] who was also in the testing cycle. 

My partner, Juli Kocemba, was there with me in Montana so they said, ‘oh, let’s just have you guys make out in the background.’  

My partner’s non-binary, so were like, ‘well it’s a gender fluid make out in the background.’ We thought, nobody’s gonna make a big deal about it. And then a lot of people made a very big deal about it.