With her leading role in the popular CW series Riverdale, Lili Reinhart has swiftly established herself as one of the most gifted young actresses in Hollywood. 

The sixth season of that programme is already winding down, but Reinhart has a new Netflix movie called Look Both Ways that is likely to win over her fans. 

On August 17, the movie will be available on streaming services, and Reinhart teased the story’s numerous timelines with a new motion poster she released on Instagram. 

The Natalie characters on the poster alternate between the top and bottom of the picture. 

 Natalie is depicted on one side of the poster while pregnant with the phrase “Let Love Guide You,” while Natalie is depicted on the other side wearing a suit and carrying the tagline “Wherever Life Takes You.” 

Everyone has experienced occasions when they have yearned to picture their conceivable futures. 

This movie depicts what it would be like if our desire came true and would serve to better enlighten our decision-making process.  

With this larger-than-life timeline-hopping story that is based on a real human predicament, filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu and Reinhart attempt to address a very complex subject. 

With roles in the aforementioned Riverdale, Hustlers, and the surprisingly underappreciated love drama Chemical Hearts, Reinhart has had a fantastic career thus far. 

Since we now have a poster for the movie, you may expect a trailer for Look Both Ways, which has its Netflix premiere on August 17, very soon.