Lightyear movie review: The Chris Evans picture has a lot of heart, spark, and touching moments, all of which are Pixar staples that will make you laugh and cry at least once.

In a blink-and-you-miss-it introduction sequence, we learn that Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear was a figure from Andy's favourite film when he was a kid in 1995.

That film is the one we are going to view. Meta, oh my.

Given Pixar's proclivity for sequels and prequels using well-known characters, it's hardly surprising that the company waited so long to get started.

It's even more astonishing how little 'Lightyear' offers in terms of spirit and spark, those Pixar characteristics that are certain to make you laugh and cry at least once.

Buzz (Chris Evans) and his commanding officer Alisha (Uzo Aduba) race back to the safety of their spacecraft after meeting dangerous elements on a planet, and manage to set up a safe zone for the passengers on board.

Buzz keeps attempting to come up with a super fuel that will allow them to return to Earth. However, every time he takes off, the four minutes he spends in space turn into four years on the earth, and before he realises it, 64 years have gone.

A space ranger must be able to travel through space. That's correct. Despite its stunning computer visuals, though, this latest Pixar space adventure struggles to stay fresh.