Kris Jenner lands first Vogue magazine cover at 67

Recently, the well-known mother posed for the Leaders issue of Vogue Czechoslovakia's December issue.

 In the monochrome photograph, Jenner is seen wearing a black turtleneck, hefty jewellery, and her trademark pixie cut as she directs her gaze at the camera.

She poses in a black-and-white photoshoot for the glossy’s Leaders Issue wearing a black turtleneck and chunky jewelry. 

Inside the magazine, the Safely founder, who looks lovely in a long black coat and gloves, demonstrates that her daughter Kendall Jenner is not the only supermodel in the family.

But Lizzo's dramatic Bad Binch Tong Tong octopus-style gown from the November issue of Vanity Fair was the most striking outfit.

Fans are immediately enamoured with her appearance, with one saying she had "BME - Big Momager Energy." She was dubbed "The Queen of everything" by another admirer.

Of course, Kris has appeared in other publications, but it's her kids who have graced numerous Vogue covers.

Kendall, the current favourite of the fashion world, has fronted 13 international editions, while Kim Kardashian has 10 covers to her name, including three for American Vogue, one of which she scored in 2014 with her then-fiancé Kanye West, much to the surprise and dismay of the magazine's readers. 

Additionally, Kourtney and Kylie have both been featured in foreign Vogue issues.