On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on November 4, 52-year-old Mariah Carey was cheeky with Jimmy.

During her appearance, the singer was promoting her new children's book, The Christmas Princess, and, as seen in the video above, she amusingly conversed with the talk show host about his "naughty list" while sitting on the foot of a two-story bed.  

Jimmy sat on the top section of the two-story bed in patterned pyjamas, while she lounged on the lower section while wearing a silky red robe-style garment. 

Jimmy received a text message upon waking up in the beginning of the clip informing him that he was on "the naughty list" for this year. 

Mariah emerged out of nowhere and inquired, "Did someone say Christmas?" after he stated that his Christmas was "ruined." 

She then recited a humorous list of all the "wrong stuff" he did, including telling "Elon Musk to purchase Twitter" and generating "the trouble on the set of Don't Worry Darling."  

He then chatted to her about the text, which he said was from Santa Claus, and being on the "naughty list." 

She then said that she would give him a present if Santa didn't this year, to the audience's applause, before giving him a copy of her book.  

She also distributed complimentary copies of the book to everyone in the audience. 

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