Lesley Manville, who plays The Crown, has provided an interesting update on the sixth and final season of the Netflix series.  

They are set to begin filming the last episodes, according to the actress who will play Princess Margaret in the next fifth season. 

Every department is at the top of its game, including costumes, hair and makeup, writers, directors, and performers. It’s a tremendous series to be a part of. 

It comes after the program announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton had been cast for season 6.  

Rufus Kampa will play the prince in the show when he is 15 years old, around the time of the passing of his mother Diana, and Ed McVey will play him in his late teens and early adult years. 

Later episodes will depict how Meg Bellamy’s character, Middleton, and William first met in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews. 

Kelly Brook of Loose Women will also make an unexpected cameo in season 6, and she has confirmed that a photo of her would appear on the program. “The email came from my agency.  

She stated that we received a photo permission request for one of your pictures to be used in season six of The Crown 

She said it would be made into a poster and displayed in the character’s dressing room “the Daily Star.