Celebrity stylist Law Roach revealed how Zendaya reacted to his retirement news, during a recent appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast ‘High Low’. 

“She called, and she said, ‘Girl, I thought we make big decisions together,’” Law recalled. 

“Of course, she supported me. She’s like, ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation?’ Like tell me what you’re going through,"

"And I talked to her about just being unhappy and being unhappy for a really long time and still grieving the death of my nephew." 

"So, we had that talk, and she was like, ‘Whatever you need, whatever you need.’” 

Roach further stated that Zendaya has nothing to do with his decision.  “the internet is cruel” and said that she played the role of a catalyst in his decision. 

“People started to blame her for my retirement, and that wasn’t fair to her,” the stylist said. 

“The things they were saying, of course isn’t true. So, then it spilled over to my suffering. She started to suffer too."

"And I didn’t think that was fair because she has always protected me in this industry and vice versa.”