The movie Last Seen Alive, starring Gerard Butler, was released in theatres on June 3, 2022. 

Its recent inclusion on Netflix, however, has given the movie a new audience, and it appears that subscribers to the streaming site are loving it.  

As of October 12, the film is ranked fourth among the top 10 films in the United States on the streaming service. 

Producer Marc Frydman wrote the screenplay, which is directed by Brian Goodman.  

Together with Taylor Conrod, Brian Pitt, Bob Shapiro, David Shojai, and Alan Siegel, Butler also serves as the project’s producer.  

Since the movie was added on Netflix on October 1, its audience figures have been strong. 

Jaimie Alexander and Gerard Butler’s character Will are standing on some rocks with their wife Lisa.  

Their marriage is about to end because she has been having an affair. 

It’s a race against time if he has any hope of finding her alive while on the run from the police and with the clock ticking. 

There is a tonne of mundane fluff in the script, which is simple and superficial.