Lady Gaga was slated to feature in Brad Pitt’s next film Bullet Train, but was unable to do so, according to director David Lietch.   

On July 15, 2022, the film Bullet Train will be released in theatres.  

In Bradley Cooper’s 2018 adaptation of A Sensation is Born, the pop star turned actress received instant recognition for her depiction as Ally, a struggling musician who makes it big.

Gaga won her first Academy Award for the film, and her performance sparked a promising acting career that included a role in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci. 

David said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “It really all came down to her schedule with the Ridley [Scott] film.  

There were short discussions and then, this isn’t going to work because she was preparing for the Ridley movie ‘[House of] Gucci.’  

In recent years, it has appeared as if Gaga is slowly but steadily committing to the idea of acting over music.   

Acting isn’t always simple, but as compared to the obligations placed on a world-famous artist, it’s typically lot less demanding. And just because Gaga has only acted in one film since 2018, doesn’t mean she isn’t in high demand.  

Brad Pitt, who also stars in the film as Ladybug, a hesitant assassin, produces and directs Bullet Train.

The film already has a lot of buzz, but House of Gucci was not only eagerly anticipated, but many people expected it would win Gaga her second Oscar.