Lady Gaga is putting her own personal twist on the popular dance trend from the new Netflix series Wednesday. Jenna Ortega portrays Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series, who is condemned to Nevermore Academy.  

In episode four, Wednesday performs a distinctive rendition of The Cramps’ Goo Goo Muck from the 1980s at the school dance. As a result of fans editing the dance to Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary instead, the song has gained popularity online. 

Due to the protagonist entirely leaning into being herself in a curiously charming manner, regardless of being seen by her new friends, Wednesday’s dance sequence was the scene for many viewers that solidified their enthusiasm for the show. 

The enthusiasm for the dance scene increased when it was revealed that Ortega herself choreographed it 

Wednesday Addams was brought into the modern era by Ortega, who was the ideal choice because of her attention to the eccentric choreography and many others’ recognition of her commitment to the character.  

Due to their dark senses of fashion, peculiar personalities, and love of life’s gory details, Wednesday and Lady Gaga have certain things in common.  

Even the name of Gaga’s fan base, the Little Monsters, is something Wednesday, who keeps a severed and disfigured hand as a pet, would undoubtedly love.  

Fans who like Gaga’s interpretation of the dance sent comments on the clip asking to see the singer in season two.  

“Make Gaga the new principal of Nevermore”, a fan urged.