In Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Bernard Hill played King Théoden of Rohan. 

He has little interest in Amazon’s The Rings of Power prequel series. 

During a Metro interview, Hill was questioned about seeing Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which made its Amazon Prime Video debut in September. 

The actor responded right away with dismissal. Not interested, please.  

I don’t want to watch it or participate in it since it’s a business venture. Wishing them luck and all that, but it’s not the real deal,” Hill added.  

The next question was whether he thought the franchise ought to have ended after the first three films. 

“Unquestionably, yeah. When they produced The Hobbit, I believe they were pushing it.  

The Hobbit is a very small book. They executed it excellently, really, very excellently. 

The Rings of Power is not based on any specific J. R. R. Tolkien works, in contrast to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit trilogy.  

The birth of the Rings of Power and the rise of Sauron, the giant evil eye who sought to rule Middle-earth in the original books, are eventually covered by the television series.