Kim Kardashian believes she has been looking in the wrong areas for love. 

The KKW businesswoman spoke candidly about her future and breakups during a recent interview on James Corden’s show.  

For those who are unaware, Kim Kardashian and her playful boyfriend Pete Davidson recently split after dating for nine months.  

According to reports, the couple’s relationship didn’t work out because of their busy schedules. 

After leaving the former star of Saturday Night Live, Kim publicly declared for the first time that she is “happily single.” 

When the talk show presenter questioned the SKIMS founder about how someone in her position goes about finding their next date, Kim confessed that she is not currently concentrating on finding anyone. 

She disclosed, “I haven’t really thought about it because I’m not looking. I just want to chill for a minute.” Kardashian continued, “I think I need some time to myself to just focus, finish school, all that.” 

The mother of four also outlined what she will be searching for when she is prepared to date once more.  

She said, “But I think my next route, I feel like I have to do something, go to different places. 

She remarked that her ideal future spouse might not be a celebrity at all. She said, “So, I don’t know, maybe a hospital and meet a doctor, a law firm.