Kevin Feige unveiled a different Deadpool 3 logo while sporting a baseball cap at the 2024 Saturn Awards

During Kevin Feige's presentation of a special Lifetime Achievement award to the Star Trek: The Next Generation ensemble, he was seen sporting a baseball cap featuring Deadpool 3, which features an innovative design that splits and combines Deadpool's mask and Wolverine's cowl. 

Numerous others shared the quiet disclosure, which came via Discussing Film on X, after it created a lot of excitement on social media.

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, unveiled a different Deadpool 3 logo on February 4 while in attendance at the 2024 Saturn Awards. 

Feige was spotted donning a Deadpool 3 baseball cap featuring a distinctive logo that combined Wolverine's cowl and Deadpool's mask. 

This quiet revelation created a lot of interest on social media and was reposted by many fans.

Feige's baseball cap included additional details in addition to the new Deadpool 3 logo. On the back of his hat, viewers with keen eyes caught what might be the official title of the movie during the Saturn Awards. 

But aside from a few hazy letters, the text in the picture is utterly unreadable. Marvel enthusiasts are still trying to figure it out, with some speculating that it says Deadpool & Wolverine.