Kevin Durant made a game-changing trade request for the NBA that was meant to start a frenzy, but he could be too large to be traded. 

What happens if a 33-year-old top-20 player who has been a consistent MVP candidate and is under contract for four more years tells his team that he wants to play somewhere else? 

On June 30, just hours before free agency, Kevin Durant asked the Brooklyn Nets for trade, perhaps setting up a seismic, league-altering move. 

Adrian Wojnarowski stated that after Durant requested a trade, half of the league’s clubs had already contacted the Nets. 

But as Durant, the Nets, and the rest of the NBA are discovering, Durant could simply be too large to move. 

According to numerous reports, the Nets are demanding a historically large return for Durant, including All-Star players (or two), role players, young prospects, and future draught picks. 

Even while Brooklyn has been steadfast in its desired return, The Athletic’s John Hollinger noted on Tuesday that the types of trade offer the Nets got earlier in the summer haven’t changed all that much. 

Durant is 33 years old and will turn 34 in September, so that is the first problem with the prospect. 

According to numerous accounts, the Raptors believed the Nets’ demand was excessive. The Nets are also not in a hurry to reach a deal. 

The Nets are justified in demanding a historic amount for a superstar in his prime who has a four-year contract.