For the approaching midterm elections on November 8, Hailey Bieber and Levi's have partnered together to encourage US citizens to cast ballots, particularly the approximately 8 million additional youth who are now eligible to do so.

The 25-year-old model wore a red, white, and blue crop top with the word "Vote" printed across it as she posed for the denim company.

 She dressed her light brown hair in beachy, natural-looking waves and wore it with loose-fitting pants that were rolled down to reveal more skin.

The lovely pictures are seen here and on Levi's Instagram page, even though she hasn't posted any of them there.

“Women’s Rights are high on my list,” she told Levi’s, as shown in the caption of the company’s Oct. 28 Instagram post that featured her. 

“Your vote for State Attorney General is a powerful way to protect your rights on things like women’s health and free speech.”  

Hailey also stated that she is "voting to change history" in a Levi's advertisement aimed at increasing election turnout.

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She then went over how elections work, what's at stake, and how someone may be ready to vote with other young activists. 

Along with Hailey, other notable people who worked with Levi's included Natalia Bryant, a model and the daughter of the late NBA player Kobe Bryant, Quannah Chasinghorse, an actor and skateboarder from the Native American community, Nico Hiraga, and Jeremy Lee Stone, the creator of ASL Elements.

The Rhode Skin founder also appeared in a PSA for I am a voter, a nonpartisan, nonprofit group whose main concern is to improve voter turnout, in a video she shared on her own Instagram page 

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