The eagerly anticipated Frasier revival may start filming this fall, according to Kelsey Grammer

In a sneak peek video from his Monday appearance on The Talk, Grammer revealed,” Shooting? 

There were some conversations about October, maybe a little later. 

There are a couple of other things coming up. We’ve developed a couple of other projects that look like they’re going to shoot first.

Grammer also said that “they’re in the final stages of the final script for the first episode of the Frasier reboot and it looks pretty good.  

The actor claimed that the success of the revival was largely due to the performance of the title role by himself. 

The key ingredient for the Frasier reboot is actually Frasier, honestly. It was always called (Frasier), so it’s me, the key is me,” Grammer said.

Grammer gave some hints last summer about where the revival will take up after the end of the first series in 2004. 

He claimed in an interview with WNBC New York that the character, who relocated to Seattle from Boston for the first season, will eventually wind up in another new location.

Grammer claimed to have “reached out to everyone,” but none had responded as of yet, according to WNBC.