Woke, a comedy series on Hulu, has been cancelled after only two seasons, according to Deadline. 

In September 2020, Hulu will debut the American live-action/animated comedy series Woke.  

Woke, a series based on the life of cartoonist and co-creator Keith Knight, will not be getting a third season from the streaming service. 

Considering how well-received the show has been by both critics and viewers, who have complimented its cast and ability to mix tones to portray.

Keith Knight, the show’s co-creator, drew inspiration for the series from his personal experiences. 

The award-winning cartoonist Keef Knight, the protagonist of Woke, gets racially profiled by a hostile policeman who claims he resembles a mugger in the region.

After the assault, he develops the capacity to hear inanimate objects speak and becomes increasingly conscious of the racialized small-talk that surrounds him. 

The first episode of season 1 centres on Keef’s traumatising false arrest. 

Following a series of incidents, Keef eventually finds counselling to help him deal with his issues and channel his grief into art.  

Woke’s second season follows Keef, who is now a well-known character in the neighborhood’s civil rights activist scene, as he makes his way through the activist world. 

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