Katy Perry, a singer, has a devoted following and is consistently in style. 

The pop queen dominated the charts with numerous successes, and her outrageous stage attire never failed to draw attention. 

She consistently finds a way to keep people talking about her, whether it is through her costumes, hair, or even her relationships.

Popular music artist Perry was once asked to judge her partners' performance in the bedroom. 

 For the uninitiated, the singer has been linked to celebrities like John Mayer and Orlando Bloom. 

The singer once disclosed which of her ex-boyfriends was better in bed during a talk with actor-host James Corden on YouTube.

The Roar singer reportedly told host James Corden which of her ex-boyfriends was the finest in bed at one point, according to a Dailymail article.

After a brief relationship with DJ Diplo in 2014, the singer started the list at the bottom by designating him as her least favourite bedtime companion.cle.

She named John Mayer as the ideal sleeping mate while awarding Orlando Bloom the silver medal. Notably, Perry and John dated intermittently for a full year.

During the similar conversation, the singer said, “They all are amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!” The singer also revealed one celebrity she wishes she’d gotten in the sack, telling the host she thinks singer Josh Gorban -” the one that got away.”