Kaleidoscope will be Netflix’s upcoming major heist drama series.  

In fact, given the amount of crime, action, and drama in the new thriller series.

it seems more like it may make a good sequel to the hugely successful Money Heist.  

There is a lot of excitement for the new series because of its impressive cast and original non-linear plot. 

In the heist thriller Kaleidoscope, a group of thieves are followed over the course of nearly 25 years as they plot the largest robbery in history.  

In order to accomplish this, the burglars intend to break into what appears to be an impenetrable vault in order to take a sizable sum of money 

Jigsaw was the working title when production on the show began in 2021; the name was only altered in November of that same year.  

A few of weeks ago, Netflix produced a video titled “Inside Look” introducing the series and urging fans to crack the riddle  

Kaleidoscope’s distinctive immersive experience and non-linear plot are mainly to blame for the positive attention it has already received on a global scale. 

Each viewer will be able to interpret the plot differently depending on the order in which the episodes are seen.